Prestige Florida Fund

Prestige Florida Fund Partners is the first choice for private real estate lending among developers. As a vertically integrated company with extensive capital resources to fund real estate transactions, PFF has insightful market knowledge that spans the full range of real estate investment opportunities. Established to facilitate quick closings without the typical constraints of traditional lenders, Prestige Florida Fund Partners offers real estate developers the flexibility they need to effectively manage cash flow and maximize their returns. PFF is managed by the Prestige Companies, a unique integration of capabilities with a preeminent developer and builder gives us a distinctive advantage in the industry. For this reason, they believe that in leveraging their market knowledge, affording flexibility and focusing on long-term relationships, they are ushering in a “New Era in Financing.” Investment locations include Southern and Central Florida. Prestige Florida Fund Partners evaluates situation-specific opportunities anywhere within the continental US. All real estate sectors- residential, industrial, land and commercial- are considered.